Breakout Sessions

Your registration includes access to each of the sessions. Since some space is limited, please indicate a first and second choice for which you would like to attend.

Harrison-Bruce Historical Village Tour:Cheryl Trench, Head Docent, Harrison-Bruce Village JALC

Enjoy a brief but exciting tour of a Williamson County Treasure-The Harrison-Bruce Historical Village on the JALC campus. Docents will guide you, so enjoy the stroll! Please wear comfortable shoes.

Bees, Butterflies and Frogs: Necessary Residents of our Landscape: Sonja Lallemand, Retired Horticulturist

Gardens tie our home to the surrounding landscape, provide an outlet for artistic expression, are a source for natural beauty, and offer refuge from a hectic and unpleasant world. Our backyard gardens have become a vital oasis in the fragmented habitats of bees, butterflies and toads. This presentation will introduce ideas on designing your landscape with Illinois native plants that nurture and feed our little friends, bring you joy, and require minimal care. Learn how you can do your part in your own backyard.

Quick, Easy and Nutritious Meals for Busy Women: Cynthia York-Camden, MS, RD, LDN

Trade the “what’s for dinner” dance for a quick food on the table game plan. Learn how to shop once and eat quick, easy meals all week! Recipes and recommended meal planning resources will be provided.

Sex Matters - Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction:Alex I. Garrido, MD

Join Dr. Garrido for a candid talk about Sexual Dysfunction in Men & Women. Learn about the causes and options for solutions. Bring your questions.

Love Languages: Michael Neubert, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Herrin

How do you say, “I love you”? People express and perceive love differently. If we learn to show love so that it can be received, the door opens to love that will last a lifetime.

Simple Ways to Regain Control of Your Health Naturally:Bonnie Juul, D.C.

Nutrition Response Testing is a cutting edge technique that has helped thousands of people regain and improve their health naturally. Most people have more control over their health than they realize. Dr. Bonnie Juul will reveal some of the simplest and most effective ways that you can take control of your health and start feeling better today.

Exhibits and Screenings:

Devote an entire session to undergoing the screenings and viewing the exhibits.

Backyard Yoga: Allison Snow, Fitness Instructor

Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured. Please bring your own mat and join Allison for a Pilates mat session.

Changing the Face of Depression:Terri Karch, Mrs. Illinois International 2012

Highlighting successful individuals living with mental illness, this presentation seeks to redefine the image of depression. Terri shares her personal story of triumph over depression with laughter and transparency.

Broadening Your Knowledge of Investing:Karissa Mooney, Edward Jones Financial Advisor

This presentation is an expanded look at the “how” of creating an investing strategy as well as the investment components that form your financial picture. We’ll review investing as a process and a journey toward your personal goals.

Thyroid Health:Jerry L. Felts, D.C., Chiropractor, Nutritionist

In this session we will discuss the role of diet, exercise and nutrition to keep hormonal levels balanced. We’ll learn ways to reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases especially Hashimoto’s disease.

The Invisible Patient: Addressing Caregiver Burnout:Sherry M. Williams, M.D., Medical Director for Supportive Care, SIH

Being a caregiver to a chronically ill patient is a relentless job that isolates. This program will address the burden of being a caregiver, why burnout occurs and building a support structure and self-care routine to decrease burnout.

Unlock Your Natural Healing with Acupuncture:Susan Saniie, M.Ac. L.Ac Diplo. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Learn how acupuncture unblocks energy in the body, mind and spirit. Blocks may show up as pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and more. Participants will learn how acupuncture helps one to tap into their innate healing potential. Participants will learn about the acupuncture treatment process and if acupuncture is a good fit. Also, participants will learn qi gong and breathing exercises. Following will be time for Q&A

Exhibits and Screenings:

Devote an entire session to undergoing the screenings and viewing the exhibits.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:Kelli Webb, M.D.

Learn about the latest advancements and facts and myths of plastic and reconstructive surgery. You will have the opportunity to speak with board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kelli Webb during this interactive Q & A. Our expert topics include: skin care, breast surgery and abdominal surgery.

Staying Safe in an Unsafe World: Callie Carroll

Join this session for a hands on approach to learning how to increase your personal safety. We will have demonstrations and practice techniques to remain safe no matter where you are.

Is Your Teen or Young Adult at Risk of Addiction?: Marie Lee, Parent Coach for Addictions & Professional Drug Test Collector

This supportive session will help you learn how to speak to your teen about drug or alcohol abuse. We will discuss techniques of addressing the issue and working through the process of formulating a plan for treatment.

Kidney Stones:Don C. Arnold II, M.D., Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgeon

Dr. Arnold will present on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones. He will focus on minimally invasive treatment options available locally.

Healing with Herbal Remedies: Terry Hickey, Dayempur Herbals, General Manager

We are in need of making great changes in our lifestyles that include the food we eat, how we care for each other and the choices we make in medicine and natural healthcare practices. Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years. Today 80% of the world’s population uses herbal remedies as their primary medicine. As one comes to understand herbal medicine, they have a more intuitive understanding of their body and a better understanding of good nutrition. Herbal, plant-based medicine can heal many common ailments and has few, if any side effects.

Medicaid, Marketplace and Medicare: The 3 M’s of Healthcare Coverage:Sarah Miller, BSW, Outreach & Enrollment Program Coordinator,Shawnee Health Service; Marsha Nelson, Shawnee Alliance Community Service Unit Director, Shawnee Health Service; Heather Knutt, Shawnee Alliance Care Coordinator Supervisor

This team will provide information on enrollment, coverage and qualifications for all three programs. Information will include where to access free enrollment assistance, the “Tax Penalty” for remaining uninsured,and getting the most out of your healthcare coverage. Time for Q&A will be allotted.

Exhibits and Screenings:

Devote an entire session to undergoing the screenings and viewing the exhibits.


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